Sunday, March 20, 2011

Motorbike Chic, Crop tops, Brogues

Ok, so for this season (Spring/Summer 2011) the motor chick look is coming back, in full force too!. People are showing off al sorts of accesories relating to this topic; like, belt like bracelets, biker jackets, thigh high boots etc. This trend is sky-rocketing and i'm loving it. This is so punk rock chic... hot!

Black biker jacket

This look is a mixture of girly and punky.

Victoria Beckham and Madonna rocking the look.

Alicia Keys in a studded biker jacket.

Crop Tops are also in fashion now. These tops are cut just below the bust and can be worn with a vest underneath or with just bare skin. This fashion is very cute and they come in all sorts of designs. These can be worn with a skirt or just normal jeans.

This outfit is cute and summery! Available at Forever 21

This outfit is perfect for fall.

Celebrities rocking the crop top style

Beyonce wearing an armhole crop top.
This style is great for casual and or formal, but it depends on what you wear it with.

Brogues are hot and they bring back that old english style, they have that look that can spice up any outfit.

There's black.



and Silver.
Brogues are great for a Spring/Summer outfit.

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