Friday, March 11, 2011

Earphone Shells, Lux Addiction and Feather Hair Extensions

The new earphone shells are perfect for that blinged out chick, that loves her music..these can be put on normal earphones to give them that fresh, high end look. If your going for cute they have pink ones, or maybe your a guy that wants classic, they have them in black also. These earphone shells are the hot new trend..They can fit almost anyone's persona

So along with the blingy earphone shells, I have something extra blingy for you guys. Lux Addiction..These phone cases are perfect for those cutesy loving girls. The cases are covered with rhinestones and cute accesories such as small bows or a hello kitty face. THe cover comes in two parts, front and back, for better protection, it comes in a super cute pink silk bag. If your a girlie girl you might want to consider getting one of these..Sooo prettyy :)

Also if these cases are not your type, there are some others on, she does beautiful work with the cases, she also has other blinged out items that you guys may like.
♥Barbie x Hello Kitty Deco Cover for Motorola Droid 2♥
♥Gorgeous HK Deco Cover for iPhone3g,3gs♥
She also did these beautiful nails.

And these heels.

So if you're into the girly things you might want to check out :)
Feather Hair Extensions
A hot new trend in LA soon all over the world. These extensions are hot and if you don't have them you're missing out. They are so easy to install you dont even have to go to a salon.

Here's how to install

1. First you will need to take one of the micro links and place it onto the hair hook.  Then using the hair hook select a small section of hair (best if under a layer of hair or behind the ear to hide the link) and hook the hair hook onto the hair.

2.  Next slide the micro link over the end of the hook, and around the hair at the root.  Once you have your micro link around a piece of hair simply slide the tip of the Featherhead into the link.

3.  Using the hair extension clamp apply gentle pressure onto the micro link to hold the extension in place.  It is important to make sure the adhesive tip is under the link when you clamp it down. This ensures that the extension will remain in place, and single feathers won’t fall out. Once the link is clamped down firmly, trim the tip of the feather hair extension with a scissors if necessary.

You can curl them,straighten them, blow dry them, anything just take care of them how you would your own hair.
Available in lots of colours from turquoise,to hot pink to tan.
Available at if you want the cheaper alternative ther is always lol

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